About Us

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Our mission is to share knowledge with therapists on innovative technology companies that are making an impact in healthcare and demonstrate that there is a role for rehab in healthtech. We hope to empower and encourage rehabilitation professionals to adopt health technology in their practice and lean into non-traditional roles – be it as a super-user, an inventor, or a designer.

Partners for Success
GG+ for Companies
Grips and Gadgets partners health technology companies with clinicians for advisory services, beta testing and product review. We have access to rehabilitation therapists across the country with diverse practice areas.
Gain access to experts in the field.
Learn if your product actually meets the needs of your target audience and where it can improve.
Market your product directly to the people who will be using it.
GG+ For Clinicians

We research available digital health technologies in the rehabilitation space and share them with you so you can be on top of current trends, products and services in your practice area.


You will be a part of a community that is providing feedback on what works and what doesn’t work so that you can choose the right product when designing your treatment plan.


Help ensure that the right products are getting designed for you. We offer opportunities to provide advisory services and beta testing for products and services focused in your area of practice.


For professionals transitioning to non-clinical roles, we share resources on opportunities, continuing education and conferences that support your growth.