Social Isolation During COVID-19

With social distancing becoming a way of life for the unforeseeable future and an emphasis on keeping our older adults as safe as possible, many people are rightfully keeping their distance from their elderly family members and friends. But what does this mean for the already troubling stats on loneliness in the elderly? A recent survey by GreatCall and Aging In Place Technology Watch found that 21% of older adults over the age of 65 report feeling lonely every day. This was before the COVID-19 precautions! We also know that social isolation leads to negative health consequences including cognitive decline and depression and that loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. The good news is that the survey also showed that 55% of older adults felt that phone calls from family and friends made the biggest impact on reducing loneliness. This is something simple and quick that we can do right now to combat social isolation. Here are three companies that are offering their own solutions through phone calls: Three-chairsFamliNet, and Papa.

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